thoughts about retail... December 14 2017 1 Comment

It has been about a month since I launched my store – and I thought that it might be nice to write some
thoughts down and to thank those who have made their choices and purchases. It is a small club so far,
but, as my necklaces – or my babies – go out into the world, I am thrilled with the positive feedback, and
like any proud parent, I want them to succeed, thrive and be loved!

This whole project has been an interesting experiment. I have been a fine artist for over thirty years. In
those years I have produced paintings, occasionally showing, and sometimes selling. The process has
never been a smooth one for me. Although I do not suffer from a lack of confidence in the making of
the work, and I enjoy the act of showing it...the necessary drive and thick skin to move things along has
escaped me. I ran a business that promoted the work of others, and I found that to be much easier,
as I feel that curating and presentation is infinitely creative in itself. But my involvement in it was
behind the scenes which I think is an important element of a good curator. It was a privilege to put
ideas together and organize work to produce a coherent and visual presentation for the participating
artists. In the months leading up to the closing of the gallery I started thinking about the idea of artists
turning their creative flow into a Product (indeed, the project was called “Product”)– perhaps expanding
from their usual creative endeavors, and coming up with something that has all of the components of
their craft, but, unapologetically making something to sell. Stepping away from the “white cube” of
exhibitions, and yes, even empowering themselves to boil down the idea of the simplicity of making and

Three years later, this project is my own attempt. I must admit, I still have my sensitivity.  I am reading
articles that discuss the challenge of retail, and the months involved in moving the product. All
very dispassionate, which I suppose is where one has to go. But, I made this project into something
other than the production of stringing beads, making it a conceptual and sculptural construct, so my
big challenge is to separate emotionally and hope for the best! Initial enthusiasm, 3000 Facebook
“likes,” support from friends and strangers alike, have made this a complex experience. I just want
them out and around people’s necks even more! I have absolutely loved the action of “filling an
order”...extracting the purchased necklace from the group and packaging it up to go off to the post
office. With these necklaces I am past the self-consciousness of selling for myself. It is so satisfying to
receive enthusiastic responses from the purchasers after receiving their product and it makes me admit
that I am hooked...

I enjoy the thought that the necklaces actually have a connection to the painting that I do – that I can
see the combination of darkness, healing, and beauty that I often attempt to integrate into the concept
of my work. Now I just have to hope that people keep buying them so that I can keep sending them out,
each of them with their own sweet uniqueness...

So, again, many thanks to those of you who have purchased! Your support means the world to me.